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What to do if Amazon Fire TV Stick stops working?

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Has your Amazon Fire TV Stick stopped working! It’s a real shame, so you might think it’s better to throw it straight in the trash, but no! Wait, you can fix it! There are several ways to get your Amazon Fire TV Stick working again rather than buying another one right away. You could also avoid buying pre-unlocked Amazon Fire TV Sticks that charge you € 20 for just 10 minutes of work. If you’re interested in why Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn’t work, read on to find out more.

Here’s what to do if Amazon Fire TV Stick stops working

Does your Fire Stick turn on?

If yes, move on to the next paragraph. If not, then check out the below-mentioned solutions.

Begin with checking the batteries along with the power supply of Fire Stick or Fire TV. It may seem silly, but you have to try the simplest components first and move on to the more complicated ones.

The next thing that you need to do is trying different HDMI ports on your TV, maybe one of these is not working. Just press the Up and Restart buttons on Fire TV’s remote control simultaneously for a few seconds. This will suggest the system to test different resolutions. In case something should work, you can use the selection button to choose the current resolution.

Here’s what to do if Amazon Fire TV Stick stops working – Fire Stick works, Kodi doesn’t

If you haven’t used your Fire Stick for quite some time, then there is a good chance that you need to do a major software upgrade. Some of the minor add-ons compared to Kodi will stop working randomly. The others will be closed and must be restarted with a new name.

Fire Stick should update itself automatically when you connect it. Make sure it is up to date by following the procedure below.

  1. From the Fire Stick Home screen, you need to go to Settings > Device > Information.
  2. Click Down for the software version.
  3. Check the box corresponding to ‘System Updates’ option.
  4. If there is no update, then it means that they have all already been installed. If not, click Install System Update.

Let us now assume that your Kodi (or any other streaming media player that you are using) does not work at all. In that situation, you will have to remove the old one and begin with a new installation. This is, however, the best as the updates add vital security features, plus they ensure faster playback and offer better support.

If you want to eliminate Kodi (or other streaming media players) from Fire TV, follow these steps:

  1. On the Fire Stick home page, go to Settings followed by Applications and then, Manage installed apps.
  2. Scroll to Kodi followed by selecting Uninstall.

These steps work for any other app that you no longer use. Fire Sticks have relatively limited memory; therefore, it is better to clean it occasionally. Moreover, it’s good to do it, especially when you want to ensure that there is a room for a new pre-configured version of Kodi.

We are here to assist you with the process of Amazon Fire Stick account setup. There could be many reasons for an unsuccessful Amazon Fire Stick account setup, and if you don’t know what those reasons are, then don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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