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Useful Hacks And Hidden Features For Amazon Fire TV.

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Amazon Fire TV or TV stick has become a famous gadget for transforming a boring TV experience to a highly entertaining one. This feature-rich gadget can even make TV rival smart. You can even play 4K videos and replace your gaming console with this new gadget.

Before going to buy any of the devices, you must know the differences between the two. Fire TV stick is comparatively cheaper than Fire TV but on the other hand, Fire TV has more powerful features and enhanced performance in terms of speed and processing. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump into some useful and hidden features available in Amazon Fire TV.

1.       Finding Shows on Netflix and other apps with voice control: The all-new Amazon Fire TV is coming with voice assisted remote. You can search for any show on Netflix, BBC player with the help of voice. For more information about Voice remote, you can go to Amazon Fire Stick Tech Support link.

2.       Using Gamepad while gaming: There are some games that can be played best with a gamepad. This is where the Fire TV remote becomes complicated. The list of games includes GTA San Andreas, Minecraft Pocket and Etcetera.

3.       Add voice control on Non-mic Fire TV: The Fire TV Gamepad not only help you in playing games but offers you to control the playback functions through Voice because of inbuilt mic available in the gamepad. You can get more information about it from Amazon Fire Stick Help link.

4.       Buying a separate voice remote: If you have bought a normal or ordinary Fire TV, then you may be required to purchase the voice remote separately. Before purchasing a voice remote, you must check whether the device supports voice remote or not. You will get soft touch finish buttons.

5.       Using Third-party controllers: If you don’t want to buy a new Gamepad, then you can use a PS4 controller that comes with Xbox gaming console but it is important to mention here that you won’t be able to use this with Fire TV unless you hack the device. Hacking a device will void the warranty.

6.       Sideloading of apps: If you want to download any app that is not available on the Amazon app store, then you can sideload it to the device through the computer. Just download the APK file in your computer and transfer it to the Fire TV. You can download the app directly on the Fire TV by allowing third-party installation.

7.       Using Alexa: You can control all your devices as well as home appliances with the introduction of newly added voice assistant ‘Alexa’.

8.       Make your phone as Fire TV remote: If you want to control your Fire TV with the phone, then this is possible with the Android or IOS app available on the app store.

9.       Use of Bluetooth headphone: The Fire TV has support for Bluetooth speakers or headphones. You can connect the headphones to the Fire TV wirelessly with Bluetooth technology.

Screen mirroring: If you have a fast internet connection at home, then you can cast the content from the smartphone screen to the TV screen with the help of Screen Mirroring function.

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