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Know The Usage Of Functions And Features Given On The Firetv Stick Screen

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We are going to walk you through the different functions and features accessible from the Fire TV stick menu screen. If you don’t know the functions of any one of these, then you can continue reading the post.

How to get into the menu?

Facing problem in opening the main menu of your fire TV stick? No worries, just click on the orange logo from the screen or bring the cursor to the logo and press the left button from the mouse. You can use the scroll pad to switch between the options.

You will find a ‘Search’ option on the top from where you can search favorite movies, show, and app and get it on the screen. If you want to go to any other option apart from ‘Search’, then just go left and right. For information related to the apps and latest shows, click on ‘Suggestions and category’.

Steps to open Movie or show menu

To get complete information related to the movies like its length, rating and release date, you have to click on the particular movie. You will get details including the name of the actor, director, and cast team. You can select anyone out of the below mentioned three options:

Watch later,

Watch now,

Add to watch list.

If you have subscribed to prime videos, then you can watch shows from episode 1 no matter when it actually broadcasted. In order to get information about the multiple shows or movies, select more than one channel from the list. To get information about ongoing programs or shows, go to ‘Bottom of the screen’ and check the ongoing programs list.

How to fast forward or rewind in Fire TV

You will find the play, pause, forward and rewind button on the remote itself which will help in serving your purpose. If you want to forward or backward the show for 10 seconds, then press the respective button twice.

How to change the language and subtitles

This is quite a simple task. You can change by getting into ‘Subtitle’ menu. This option is available under ‘Audio menu’. You can change the style and size of the subtitle according to your choice.

How to use X-ray on Fire TV?

As the name implies, this is an extra-ordinary feature available on Fire TV with the help of which you can enjoy special kinds of stuff available on amazon prime. You can check the upcoming movies which are going to release in the coming months. Pull from the bottom to get information about the movie. All the details related to the directors, actors, and characters will be displayed on the TV screen.

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