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How To Troubleshoot Your Fire TV Stick Screen If It Goes Blank Or Not Responding?

Does your Fire TV stick doesn’t respond in a manner as it should be? If yes, then it is quite sure that the whole viewing experience might be interrupted or affected. To get rid of this issue at the earliest, follow some guide mentioned on the page.

If your Amazon Fire TV Setup is not performing or responding properly, then there is definitely some problem with the display. We will walk you through some useful steps which will help in fixing this problem.

  1. If the screen of your Amazon Fire TV is working normally but you are getting problem in using the controls, then check the remote first followed by other troubleshooting tips. To check the remote, go to ‘Pair a remote with TV’ link.
  2. Restart Fire TV stick by disconnecting it from the power source. You can unplug the device from the power outlet by removing the adapter from it.
  3. You can also make use of Fire TV remote to restart it. Press the ‘Select’ and ‘Play’ button together for five seconds and release it. If this doesn’t work, then go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Device’ and finally to ‘Restart’.
  4. The power supply used with Fire TV stick must be of standard quality or the one that comes within the packing. In power supply, you will find the adapter as well as the power wire.
  5. Use only that HDMI extender which comes within the box.
  6. For HDMI Hub, disconnect the device and connect it to the TV directly.
  7. Try connecting it to the alternate ports onthe TV. Don’t forget to change the corresponding input from the TV remote.

Note: If you notice fire TV logo for more than 5 minutes on screen, then either wait for some seconds or contact Fire TV service providers. Another thing to be kept in mind is; keep the Fire TV stick unplugged till it gets cooled down if the device is rebooting again and again.

How to resolve a Blank screen problem?

Here are some suggestions you can try for resolving Blank screen problem on the Fire TV stick.

  1. Make it clear that TV is turned on and set to the defined TV input channel from which the source gets connected.
  2. If you have connected the Fire TV stick to the TV via HDMI cable, then disconnect it for a while and connect it again. If more than one HDMI port is given in your TV, connect the Fire TV stick to a different port
  3. Unplug all the devices which are connected to the HDMI port of your TV.
  4. Change the TV video resolution from 1080 to 720p by pressing up and rewind button together for 5 seconds. The system will display different resolutions each for about 10 seconds. Click on the ‘Correct resolution’ option.
  5. If you have connected Fire TV stick to the A/V receiver on the sound bar, then check whether the receiver is on or not. If on, then check the input selected. If you are facing the problem again, then connect the Fire TV stick directly to the TV.

Note: While watching the 4K videos, if you have ever tried to stop in middle, you will notice the TV screen goes blank for a while.

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