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How To Troubleshoot Fire TV Stick Remote That Won’t Pair After Factory Reset?

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After restarting your TV Fire Stick to fix a problem, a possible new problem may spring – the Remote Voice does not work now.

Remote controls help in navigation transmission devices, such as Fire TV Stick. However, the problem begins to germinate when they stop working.

Does this mean you won’t be able to use the device ever again? No, but you will have to fix the underlying problem and pair the Fire TV Stick Remote with the device.

Check below for the nine methods using which you can pair Fire TV Stick remote correctly with Fire TV Stick following a factory reset

1. Restart the Fire TV Stick

You just have to reset your Fire TV Stick, and now we asking you to do it again. Restart is like that one magic pill that fixes a wide range of problems.

When you are seeing remote control association screen and still unable to pair, then unplug the power source from your Fire TV Stick to restart it. Then reconnect it and try to pair remotely by pressing the home button.

Note: Do not ignite the Fire TV Stick while it’s reset.

2. Remove the Remote Battery

However improbable it may seem, but sometimes the remote batteries become misaligned. Remove the batteries for a few seconds. Then insert the batteries correctly and pair the remote with the Fire TV Stick.

3. Replace Battery

Another common reason for the Fire Stick remote to not to pair before or after the factory reset is a dead or dying battery. To check whether the existing batteries are in working condition, insert a pair of brand new batteries.

4. Clean the Battery Compartment

Often, dirt or corrosion inside the battery compartment results in issues like the one you’re facing. You will have to remove the battery and wipe the two metal connectors with a clean cloth. Once cleaned, insert the battery and restart the Fire TV Stick by turning it off. Then try combining it with the remote control.

5. Rightly Using the Home Button

Sit close to your television set and press the start button on your Fire Stick remote for half a minute or until you are able to see a confirmation message when prompted to remote pair. If both devices are paired successfully, you will see a confirmation message at the bottom right corner of the screen.

You may have to repeat the process in case the pairing was not done properly previously. Try until you get it right.

Note: Press ‘Home’ button for a minute in case, the pairing doesn’t work.

6. To Use Other Buttons

The prescribed way of pairing Fire TV Stick is via Home button, however, some users have also done it by pressing the play/pause button or a combination of Home and middle round button for 40-60 seconds and it worked.

7. Check Locked Buttons

It may sound a bit foolish, but at times, the blocked buttons are stuck and therefore couldn’t respond. In order to check if one of the buttons is not demoted, then try to match it.

8. Remove Any Other Fire TV Placed In Vicinity

When you pair the remote control, keep in mind that there are no other Fire TV Stick activated in the vicinity. If there is then that may interfere with the pairing process. Turn off, restart your Fire TV Stick, and try to pair it using a remote via Home button.

9. Remote Reset

Turn off the Fire TV Stick. With the Fire Stick TV turned off, you need to press the menu button, back button, left and the navigation key at once on your Fire TV Stick remote for 10 seconds. Release the buttons followed by turning on the Fire TV Stick. Pair the remote on the pairing screen by pressing and holding down the home button for 20 to 40 seconds.

You can use another remote as a last resort because if nothing is working for you, then a new remote probably will.

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