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How To Setup Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick?

The process of installing Kodi on Amazon Fire stick is quite simple and easy. If you find any problem, we are here to help you. We provide support for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV sticks. Our team of experts is available 24×7 in weekdays. You can contact them anytime without any hesitation. They will assist you in a best possible manner and solve the problem instantly.

Want to manage your own media in Fire Stick? If yes, then there is no better app to do this work than Kodi. You can arrange movies, TV shows and photos in your media player after installing this add-on in it. You can even record the live TV through Kodi.

Installing Kodi on Fire stick is as easy as it sounds. You can easily install Kodi on the computer but getting it on the Streaming box is a bit difficult. It needs proper attention. The App interfacing on the TV screen is totally different from that on a Computer screen. There is no need to root the device for installing Kodi in it. The whole process will hardly take 5 minutes. Now, let’s start with the process. In case of any problem, go to Amazon Fire Stick Support link.

  1. Open device settings from the home screen and click on ‘Apps permissions and installations’.
  2. Go to the Developer option. It will be second in the row.
  3. Enable App from unknown sources. If this setting is off, then turn it on. Allowing app installation from third party sources may risk the security of the device. So, it all can be done at your discretion. It’s totally a trade-off between convenience and protection. Installing third-party apps on the device may result in malfunctioning of the device. If this happens, then you have to factory reset the device and try different app installation on the device.
  4. Get the downloader app from the Amazon app store. After this, you can easily get the Kodi app on the media player.
  5. Direct downloading from Kodi website: You can download the Kodi app directly from the Kodi official website as well. For other information and support, you can go to Amazon Device Support Fire Stick.
  6. If you want, you can download the Kodi android app from the Android platform as well.
  7. Select 32-bit installation: For best streaming experience, you can download the 32-bit installation. This app will work fine with your Fire stick. If you want to experiment something different, then try other apps available on the screen.
  8. Click to start installing: When you start installing the app, you are required to go through certain rules, policies, and permissions of a Kodi. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can move further for installation.
  9. Customize according to preference: If you want, you can customize the Kodi app according to your choice. Open Kodi app on Fire stick and check the list of media content. You can swap the content within it. It must be remembered that while installing the Kodi on Fire stick, do checkmark on ‘Remote media servers’ because it has no USB port whereas Fire TV has storage USB port.

If you come across any issue while setting up Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick, then you can call at Amazon Fire Stick Customer Support.

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