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How To Setup Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote?

We provide support for issues related to the installation of the app on Android or Apple smartphone. If after implementing the steps mentioned above, you are still facing any problem, then contact us at Amazon Fire Stick Support Phone Number given on our website.

An alternative method to control or setup Amazon Fire stick is a Remote app available on official Amazon store. You can download this app to set up and control the Fire TV without a physical remote. You might be curious to know how it is possible and how to set up the app? Well, we are going to discuss the complete process with you. You must pay kind attention to this. After reading this page, you will come to know the features and functionalities of the app which you will get on your smartphone.

Voice search feature and keyboard for input: With Amazon Fire stick remote app, you can use voice search feature to search for favorite content online. You can save $30 which you have to spend on Remote with voice capabilities. For your knowledge, we want to mention here that with normal Amazon Fire TV or stick you will get normal remote without Alexa support.

If you want a virtual keyboard on the screen, then this is also available on Amazon app. For more information and support related to the app, you can contact Amazon Fire Stick Tech Support. If you have a keyboard on phone, then you can use this as well.

How to use the Remote app?

The functioning of the Remote app is similar to the physical remote. You can click on the pad to select the particular item to play on the TV screen. The touchpad is given in the middle of the remote. You will find the navigation keys as it is on the remote app as on hardware. To move up, down and right, click on ‘Remote app’ pad.

How to pair the remote app with Fire TV?

In order to pair the remote app with the Fire TV, you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

1.First of all, connect the Fire TV to the same network as to which the phone with the app is connected.  If the phone and the Fire TV are connected to the different network, then you won’t be able to communicate it. For more information about this, go to the Amazon Fire TV Setup link.

2.Open App and click to select your Amazon Fire TV from the list of devices.

3.You will find an activation code on the screen. Enter the code on your phone.

4.This is the end of the setup. You will now find ‘Paired successfully’ message on the screen. Go to settings, click on ‘Controllers and Bluetooth devices’ then on ‘Fire TV remotes’.

Can you play games with the Remote app?

According to Amazon, you can play games but this is not designed specifically for playing games.  Some games will work but some will not. The app which is currently available doesn’t support the second screen and Display mirroring feature. So, if you are excited about playing games, then you can use Gamepad instead of the regular remote.

Download Links and Supported OS

To download the remote fire TV remote app on your device, you can follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Amazon Fire phone from amazon app store.
  2. For Fire tablets with Mic inbuilt go to Amazon App store.
  3. Go to Google PlayStore for downloading the app in Android 4 or higher OS.
  4. Apple store for iOS 7 and higher.

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