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How To Resolve Amazon Fire Stick Setup Problems?

While setting up Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may come across a number of issues. If you have encountered a few, then you can find a perfect solution to those here today. We will be discussing the solutions for issues such as a blank screen, Fire TV app errors and issues with the audio or display.

Amazon Fire TV is blank, frozen or won’t power on: How to fix these issues?

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick is getting frozen or turning off on its own or it won’t start up, power on or won’t display any content on the TV, then you will have to get in touch with Amazon Fire TV Stick help and support facility.

Restart your Fire TV Stick

This will help resolve the issue, so in order to reboot your device, you need to disconnect the power cord from the back of the device or you can unplug the power cable from the wall power outlet followed by plugging it back in.

You can restart the device with the help of your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote. For that, you need to hold the ‘Select’ button, which is a bold round under a circle and Play/Pause buttons at the same time for five seconds. Or, you can select ‘Settings’, then ‘Device’ and after that ‘Restart’ from the Fire TV menu.

Unable to buy content?

If you are not able to purchase content from Amazon, then you can try the below-mentioned solutions:

  1. First, check whether Fire TV Stick is connected to the internet. For that, you need to select ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Network’ from the Fire TV menu.
  2. You need to ensure the setup of 1-click payment method.

Forgot your PIN for parental controls:

If you are facing issues with your PIN for parental controls and viewing restrictions, then you will have to reset it from your Prime Video Settings on Amazon website.

There is a ‘Parental Controls’ section, which you need to go to and there, you will enter a new 5-digit PIN under the option named ‘Prime Video PIN’. After that, you need to select ‘Reset your PIN’.

Problems with a certain app?

If you are not able to download, install and use a 3rd-party app, then you need to try the following steps:

  1. Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Applications’ and after that, ‘Manage Applications’ from the Fire TV menu.
  2. Select the app you are finding issues with. After that, you can:
    • Clear the system cache as well as data, as doing that will fix the intermittent performance problems.

Clearing the data is not going to delete the app itself, but can also remove the saved information such as game scores or account details.

  • Change the settings that are available for the application.
  • You need to force stop the app.
  • Uninstall the app.
  • If you are using Amazon Fire TV first and second Gen devices, you need an option to move the app between internal and external storage.

Tip: It is possible to reinstall the app from a section named ‘Your Apps & Channels’.

Audio Problems

In case, you are finding issues playing audio or you are seeing a video without sound, then you need to try below-mentioned steps:

  1. You need to check if the audio on the TV is not muted.
  2. If Amazon Fire TV Stick has been connected to an audio/video receiver, then keep in mind that the receiver is turned on.
  3. Now, from the Fire TV menu, you need to select ‘Settings’, then ‘Display & Sounds’ and after that, select ‘Audio’. Make sure that the toggle switch corresponding to ‘Dolby Digital Plus’ is turned off.

In case you are using an HDMI cable to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to TV, then you need to unplug it and then, connect it again. If possible, you can try a different HDMI cable as well.

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