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How To Remove Constant Restarting Problem Of Fire TV Stick 9 Different Fixes?

Alike other hardware and software, FireTV stick are exposed to malfunctioning and breakdowns. And at that time, you need to be patient as most of the problems can be resolved through simple solutions.

Just imagine the situation when you are watching your favorite movie using Amazon Fire Stick Account Setup and all of sudden your stick restarts. At first sight, you will be disappointed and at the same time puzzled, but no need to worry. Just calm down and follow the 9 steps which are going to be discussed in today’s topic.

No matter your device is old or new, the restarting problem is always due to the unstable power supply. Now, let’s have a look at 9 ways to resolve it

  1. Use of official Accessories: If you are using spurious USB cable or adapter rather than using the original cable that comes with Fire TV, then restarting problem may occur. So, always use the standard product for connecting the FireTV stick.
  2. Change USB cable: USB cables are not long lasting and can start act in an inappropriate manner at any time. So, try changing the USB cable and check if it resolves the problem or not.
  3. Change adapter: If there is some problem with the adapter, you will find the restarting problem in it. Connect the 1Amp adapter with a different cable or try a new adapter to fix the problem.
  4. Plug the Fire TV stick to a power outlet: If you have connected the FireTV to the TV USB port, disconnect it and connect to the power supply through a power adapter.
  5. Remove extensions if any: If you have used an extension with the USB cable or power adapter, then remove them and connect the FireTV stick directly.
  6. Disconnect HDMI devices connected: Most of the TV’s these days are coming with multiple HDMI ports. So, if you have connected anything else except FireTV to the TV then disconnect for a minute and try playing the content from Fire TV again.
  7. Switch off CEC device control: You may or may not know the fact that you can control the TV with Fire TV stick itself. This is possible with CEC-HDMI feature of new LED TVs. You don’t need multiple remotes to control both the devices. If you have enabled HDMI-CEC on FireTV, then turn it off.

To turn it off, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Display and sound’. From here, search for ‘HDMI CEC Device control’.

  1. Update FireTV stick: In FireTV stick, there is always a customized software which keeps on updating after regular interval of time. If any new update is available, download and install it.

For this, you will have to go to ‘TV settings’ followed by ‘My Fire TV’. Select ‘About’, then ‘Check system update’.

  1. Format Fire TV stick: If you find after implementing the above-mentioned fixes, you are still facing the problem, then Format your FireTV stick. There are numerous ways to factory reset the Fire TV stick. The best one is by making use of ‘Settings’.

Go to ‘Settings’ from Fire TV device and click on ‘FireTV’. Below this option, you will find ‘Reset to factory defaults’. Click to confirm.

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