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How To Perform Fox Sports Go Activate On Fire TV?

We can assist you with the process of Fox Sports Go Activate Fire TV/Fire Stick. If you are trying to activate the Fox Sports Go app on Fire TV, but couldn’t do it due to some problem, then you need to call us at our tech support number.

Sports is a one-stop place where they can get all the fun and excitement related to different types of sporting events. Seeing the popularity of its network, Fox Sports launched an application for streaming devices, which has received a great response from people all over the world. Every major streaming device supports Fox Sports, and the app that is used to watch all the live matches and sports updates is ‘Fox Sports Go’.

For those who are using Amazon Fire TV can also install Fox Sports Go app and enjoy a gamut of sporting events that take place in different parts of the world. The sporting events that are broadcasted on Fox Sports, FS1, FS2 or any regional Fox Sports Network will be shown at Fox Sports Go app.

How to install the Fox Sports Go app on Fire TV?

In order to install the app, you have more than one way to choose from. First, you can use ‘voice search’ button on Amazon Fire Support TV remote and say ‘Fox Sports’ to find the app. If you are not comfortable that way, then you can use Amazon box to the left in order to find the app directly through your browser. The app will then be automatically installed on your Fire TV if you are logged into the same Amazon account on both.

You can also find the app manually by browsing to the apps, which you can find in the left menu followed by finding the category named ‘Featured Cable Subscription Apps’. You won’t be charged anything to download the Fox Sports Go app, but you will need to activate the app in order to get started with watching your favorite shows.

Once the app has been installed, you need to launch ‘Fox Sports Go’ app by selecting the logo using the center button on the Fire TV remote. You may also have to click ‘Open’ in case you are taken to the information screen of the app.

Once the app loads, you are going to see a white screen with different live sports streams along with a grey menu on the left side of the screen. You are going to see sports streams thumbnails having small lock icons. If you try to select an icon, then it is not going to work because everything is locked down. In order to unlock, you will have to activate the app with your subscription information.

Fox Sports go Activate on Fire TV

In order to activate the Fox Sports Go app on Fire TV, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ option given in the left menu. Make use of the Amazon Fire Help TV remote by pressing ‘Down’ button followed by pressing ‘Center’ button on the remote. After that, you need to select ‘Sign In’ box, which you can by hitting ‘Right button’ followed by ‘Center button’ on the box. A new screen is going to appear along with a prompt, i.e., ‘Sign in on your PC or smartphone at and enter: ‘Activation Code)’.

In place of ‘Activation Code’, you are going to see a five-digit alphanumeric code, which you need to enter.

After you enter the code, your Fox Sports Go app is going to activate and then, those locked icons will also disappear from the sports stream thumbnails. You will now be able to stream anything without any issue.

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