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How To Overcome Common Problems With Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick player is an excellent solution to enjoy multimedia content on a TV and anywhere you have an Internet connection. Of course, from time to time, there may be some problems when using Fire TV Stick to watch videos. If you are dealing with certain problems, then we will guide you as to how you can fix those in the easiest of the ways.

Normally the operation of this accessory is really good, with very efficient execution of applications and with an image quality that is quite good and that allows you to enjoy content such as those of Amazon Prime Video without any problem. However, it may happen that at certain moments, something does not work, as it should, and there are some quick and simple solutions that can be applied.

The solution to Amazon Fire TV Stick problems

Then we leave what you have to do if you have some kind of problem with the Amazon accessory that, by the way, it is not especially expensive to buy an Amazon Fire Stick TV. This is what you must do in each of the cases:

You see the screen cut when playing content

This is due to the incorrect calibration of the TV or monitor, so the scaling is not adequate. To solve this in the Amazon Fire TV Stick, what you have to do is access the Calibre screen tool.

To do this, enter the Player settings and then the Screen and sound section. Done this, you have to select Screen and then the calibration tool. Execute it and you will see that what happens is solved and you can enjoy the video with total normality.

A video application does not work on Amazon Fire TV Stick

If this is what happens to you, for example when accessing Prime Video, you have to follow the steps indicated below for each of the video playback developments that you have installed on the player:

  • Access the Applications section of the Amazon Fire TV Stick Configuration
  • Now select to manage installed applications, and then select the one that is giving you problems
  • Click on Force detection and then on Clear data, it looks like a message on the screen that you should confirm
  • Now, disconnect the Amazon Fire TV Stick and start it again, in principle the problems should no longer appear

If none of the above works on Amazon Fire TV Stick

In this case, it is best to restart the player again. This is something that you can do with the remote almost automatically. To achieve this, simply press the Selection and Play buttons in combination for five seconds. Now, simply wait for the Amazon Fire TV Stick to be available again.

We are here to assist you with the process of Amazon Fire Stick account setup. There could be many reasons for an unsuccessful Amazon Fire Stick account setup, and if you don’t know what those reasons are, then don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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