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How To Know That Amazon Fire TV Cube Turns A TV Smart And Combines Alexa Commands?

Amazon has launched Fire TV Cube in June 2018, and as soon as it was launched into the market, people started getting attracted towards it because they did a diligent analysis of the product and found some great features. If you too are looking to buy a streaming device, then you can also consider Fire TV Cube.

Amazon Fire TV Setup Cube is the latest to join the fleet of streaming devices. It has been a few months since Amazon has launched Fire TV Cube, but users still seem to be pretty excited about the product because it has more features than any other streaming device that is being sold at the same price range. There are many things that give Amazon Fire TV Cube an edge over other streaming devices, but the one that got my attention and I’m sure the attention of many other users is the fact that it supports Alexa commands.

Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s new media center that turns any TV into smart by combining the experience of using Fire TV with the Echo boxes and the virtual assistant Alexa. Through voice commands, the user can fetch content and interact with the entertainment platform interface of the company.

The device is capable of rotating content in 4K and offers a high level of integration with other devices, according to the manufacturer. The Fire TV Cube begins to be sold in the United States in June, for the price of $119. The price that Amazon has set for this device makes things a lot more interesting because there aren’t many devices, which offer as many features as Fire TV Cube at that price range. This is the reason that Amazon believes that Fire TV Cube is going to fare better than most streaming devices.

The new Amazon accessory works seamlessly with home theaters and other devices. This allows you to connect your TV and other connected devices via HDMI-CEC via voice commands to Alexa.

According to the manufacturer, the Fire TV Cube has eight microphones to detect voice commands for the wizard, ranging from changing the TV channel to general content searches. This feature applies to both linked streaming services and available TV channels.

Voice searches can also be more general: the user can ask Alexa to show “dramas” or “comedies” options, for example, and the results will be displayed on the screen. You can also launch streaming apps and services via voice command, even with the “off” Fire TV Cube.

Regarding the design, the device has infrared sensors on all surfaces – a feature that should facilitate the capture of commands via remote control. In technical terms, the Fire TV Cube delivers content in 4K but also has compatibility with HDR10 standards for picture and Dolby Atmos for movie sound.

If you are planning to buy a streaming device, but don’t know which one, then you can take a look at Amazon Fire TV Cube. This streaming device has got it all that you need in a streaming device. With the inclusion of Alexa support, you will be able to find your favorite content easily. Moreover, controlling the device also becomes a charm, as you don’t have to press any options. Just say what you want to do and you will see it happening on the screen.

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