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How To Know Difference Between Microsoft Wireless Vs Amazon Fire TV Stick That Which Streaming Device Is Better?

Microsoft and Amazon smart devices are quite different in terms of what they offer as features, so in order to find as to which is the better device, a comparison is a must. So, this is what we are going to do here today.

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and Amazon Fire TV Support Stick Basic Edition are two of top competitors in Smart TV world. Capable of mirroring gadgets with Android or Windows 10, the two gadgets have some central differences. The Wireless Adapter is best suited for use with Windows, while the Fire TV Stick has the ability to run apps internally, eliminating the need for a mobile phone or computer.

Are you in doubt as to which device to buy for your in-house entertainment? In the following comparison, understand how the two devices compare and find out which one is most interesting for your needs and budget.


The two devices have a similar design, reminiscent of a pen drive. With an HDMI port, both the Microsoft Wireless Adapter and the Amazon Fire TV Stick need the power to work.

Microsoft solved this with a USB port, as you just need to plug the cable into a nearby USB port. Thus, the accessory is ready to pair with a smartphone or Windows 10 computer.

Amazon Fire TV Stick has slightly higher requirements and needs more power than that provided by the USB port. Because of this, the device gets the required power just like how a charger would charge the smartphone.


In the main configurations, the two devices tie together: both allow full HD resolution streaming at up to 60 frames per second.

The differences begin in the hardware profile of each device. Because you only need to retransmit something that is running on your phone or on your computer, the Microsoft Wireless Adapter has no internal memory.

The Amazon streaming device has built-in memory and allows you to install apps and games compatible with the platform, which uses an Android-based operating system.

Features and content

The big difference between the two models lies in the fact that the Microsoft Wireless Adapter is a simple device, created only to allow the streaming of devices to TVs and monitors without the need for cables. The Microsoft adapter works well with Windows and Android, as well as any other device that supports the Miracast and WiDi protocols.

Although the same can be said of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, there is a central difference between the two: in Amazon’s product, the user is not restricted only to streaming, since the device allows the installation of some apps in its internal memory.

In addition, the Amazon device operates with remote control, has its own graphical interface and a completely different user experience. Another detail is that subscribers to the Amazon Prime service find support only in the brand dongle.

Support and warranty

Both devices come with a fast and reliable support and a standard warranty. There isn’t much difference between the devices when looked at the support and warranty aspects.


In relation to the price, Amazon sells the Fire TV Stick to $289, while Microsoft applies the value of $349 in the Microsoft Wireless Adapter.

Cheaper, the Amazon device has even more features, since it allows you to install applications and can run without the need for a smartphone or paired computer. Another benefit of the device is full compatibility with the Prime, branded streaming service, and that is incompatible in other dongles.

On the Microsoft side, the value is hard to justify if you subscribe to Prime, or simply need a dongle to mirror apps and services running on the Android phone.

Overall, experts believe that Amazon Fire TV has an edge over Microsoft Wireless because of its Prime service. However, many other features make Amazon Fire TV a better choice for binge-watchers than Microsoft Wireless.

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