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How To Know Better About Amazon Fire TV Basic Edition?

Fire TV Basic Edition has taken the world by surprise, as it is a cheap streaming device with many amazing features. Although, it is a basic streaming device, but has a lot in the offing when it comes to streaming.

Amazon, though, has very interesting up-and-comers: remote control, cell phone independence, and the presence of the Amazon Prime Video app.


The external design of the device is very basic. The device is a rectangle with a plastic body that fits in the palm of the hand. It has, on one side, one micro USB input for power and the other an HDMI output, which must be plugged into the TV or monitor. It does not have the most sophisticated look in the world, but this should not be a decision point at the time of purchase. After all, during most of the interaction with the system, you most likely will not even get to see the body of the Fire TV Stick Setup, which is hidden, in the back of the TV.

It even comes with a cable and 9-watt power adapter to receive the USB. This is an important point: in some cases, televisions have USB inputs with sufficient power to keep the TV Stick working without having to use an outlet. This was not the case with the TV used in the tests, a Samsung smartphone: in the setup menu, the operating system of the TV Stick itself warned that it would be necessary to connect the device to the power outlet. For comparison purposes only, Chromecast works great only by receiving USB power from the TV. In the end, the TV Stick added a new thread to the common cable clutter in living rooms.

Despite this, Amazon has nailed the design of an accessory coming from the box of the Stick: the remote control. It is small, minimalist and extremely functional. Amazon’s solution proved superior to navigation with control of most smart TV systems out there. The control is very simplified and has a low learning curve, even for those not so familiar with technological gadgets. This is only possible because of the next point, another hit from Amazon: the operating system, which we will discuss ahead.

Performance and Functionality

The big advantage of Fire TV Stick in front of the competition is independence. It is ready to use the device, just plug in the TV and perform a quick systematic setup. Unlike Chromecast, it does not need an associated smartphone to control it: apps are installed directly on it, which has 8 GB of storage for files. It’s not much, but it was enough for the most used programs like Netflix, Amazon Prime and one or another app or game.

Incidentally, because Fire OS is based on Android, the game library available is basically made up of titles that we have already seen on our phones. We have Asphalt 8: Airborne, Crossy Road, some versions of Tetris and one or the other of the LEGO franchise – in general, the TV Stick does not bring news to those who are already accustomed to playing on the smartphone.

Despite this, it is worth mentioning that the operating system of Fire TV Stick is very round. To a certain extent, the layout of the apps in the main menu resembles the card interaction of Netflix itself, horizontally. It runs the Fire OS, an adapted version of Android, in a basicon hardware. Inside the lean body is a 1.3-GHz quad-core MediaTek processor and 1GB of RAM – currently configured on incoming phones.

Overall, the set is enough to run most of the apps as well and allow browsing through the main menu without gagging. The problem starts when we try to run some games, like the Asphalt 8, which is heavier: there were some slight crashes, which messed up the experience of the game in general.

Still talking about the library of TV Stick, we have a negative point: the absence of YouTube, the result of a scandal between Google and Amazon. If YouTube comes back to Amazon, then it will give a huge boost to the platform.

In addition, we have a number of requested apps in the store: Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Spotify, Deezer, Facebook, Twich, VLC and others – great for a complete media center experience.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition is definitely worth buying, so don’t wait anymore and get this device now.

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