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How To Know About The List Of 8 Fundamental Apps That Are Must For Your Amazon Fire TV Or TV Stick?

This page is for all those who have recently purchased Amazon Fire TV Setup or Fire TV stick from or from retailer store. All the Amazon’s streaming devices are competing well with Roku and Chromecast.

By adding the below mentioned 8 fundamental apps, you can use the Fire TV or stick to its full caliber. Some users who are new to the media streaming device don’t know from where to start after unpacking the box. So, today we are going to discuss the tips and tricks for them and how they can use the device to its fullest.

Now, we are going to discuss the 8 fundamental apps with you. You must pay close attention to these apps and download them immediately on your device.

After successfully installing the device on the internet. You have to install some basic apps on your Fire TV. Before this, the device must be turned on and is connected to the internet. If any app you are looking for is not available on Amazon App Store, you can sideload it from the computer.

  1. Mouse Toggle: If you side load an app, then this doesn’t mean that your app support TV screen or will start working automatically. You may have to use finger taps or other gestures. Install mouse printer by downloading Mouse toggle app.
  2. ES File Explorer: This is alternative to the Downloader app. If you want to install the APK files directly onto your device, then you have to install this app. You will not find any need to use PC for side loading the apps.
  3. Downloader: Another app for downloading and installing the APK files or side load the apps directly to the device without taking into account any computer or laptop. This is a user-friendly app and works with an internet connection.
  4. Plex: If you want to play local content from the available sources, then this is the best app. You can watch movies, videos or play music on a phone, tablet or computer.
  5. Kodi: This app is similar to plex but has its own advantages and disadvantages. Kodi is more user-friendly and customizable. This app is not available on Amazon app store, so you need to sideload it.
  6. FireFox: If you want to watch video online through a browser, then this is the best app to install in fire TV or stick.
  7. Silk browser: As we have told that you can sideload all the popular app on your fire TV device. In a similar way, you can install Silk browser. It will work like a chrome browser and is faster than any other browser. This is Amazon’s own browser and is designed to work on Amazon devices particularly. For more information and support, you can go to the Amazon Fire stick support page.
  8. Netflix: last but not least, Netflix app is a kind of app that can’t be ignored in any media streaming device. You have the option to watch more than 50000 shows and movies with more than 100000 hours of playback time.

If you want to get the latest news, then it is possible with the Amazon news app available on the amazon app store. You can listen to the latest news through the famous apps like BBC, etc.

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