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How To Get Rid Of Error 5505 From Amazon Fire TV?

Error 5505 on Amazon Fire TV means you are not being able to play Prime videos from Fire TV or stick. In order to get rid of it, you must go through the steps mentioned here as under:

  1. Check network status: If the video on Amazon fire TV keeps on buffering, then it might be due to the network problem. So, you must check the network status first from the screen. If you are getting error 5505, then checking network status is a must.

If you are getting the problem in connecting the TV to the channel, then there is definitely some problem in the network. You must diagnose it. An active connection is a must for seamless streaming of videos. If the network status is down, then you have to call ISP. If required, you may take support from Amazon Fire support link.

  1. Check the Fire TV settings: If the picture quality or the audio quality is not proper, then you can check it under ‘Settings’ under ‘Display and sounds’ option. Change the preferences according to your choice.
  2. Clear Prime app data: Sometimes, existing data in the app may create a problem with the video streaming or app keeps on crashing. In order to clear the prime data, follow the steps:
  • Go to ‘Settings’ from Fire TV remote.
  • Open ‘Apps’ and click on ‘Manage apps’. From here, go to ‘Prime video’.
  • Click ‘Force stop’ to clear the data.
  • You will be prompted for this move. Click to confirm.
  • Restart fire TV: To restart, unplug the device and connect it after few seconds.

When you clear app data, the app itself will not get deleted only the data stored in it will be deleted. So, you may be required to enter the personal information.

  1. Adjust Display: Error 5505 can be resolved by adjusting the screen display sometimes. If some of the picture parts is missing from corners, then you have to adjust or calibrate the screen. Calibration of the screen is possible only be tapping on ‘Settings’ followed by Display. You can click on ‘Arrows’ from there to calibrate accordingly.

Settings through Fire TV stick remote

From your voice remote of Fire TV, you can do a Fire TV setupYou can also adjust the screen display and picture brightness. The following are the options available to select from:

Just fit


Aspect ratio

Dot to Dot

Picture size


You can read the instructions given on the Amazon Fire TV Support page and set the color and contrast ratio according to it. Don’t forget to check the grey arrows. These are related to the calibration of the screen from side edges.

  1. Restart Fire TV: If none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps work for you, then you can try restarting of Fire TV. For this, you need to unplug the device and wait for 20 seconds. After this, connect the device again to the power supply and check if it has turned on or not.

You can also restart your TV through the remote. Press and hold the pause button and play button together.  The restarting option is also available in ‘Device’ menu.

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