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How To Fix Terrarium TV Buffering Issue On Fire TV Stick Through Simple Steps?

From last week, users are reporting the issue in buffering Terrarium from Fire TV stick. They said that they have missed their favorite shows due to this technical glitch. Though they have tried to solve the problem through general discussion their discussion has not come to any conclusion and they want the technical team of Fire TV stick to interfere in this matter. If you are unaware of Terrarium, then we want to mention here that it is an app that can be used to stream shows, movies and series of episodes.

  1. Check network strength and speed: A min of 5 Mbps is required for streaming content without HD. For HD streaming, you want a min of 10 Mbps and for 4K streaming, you require 20 Mbps of network speed. The best thing is that you can get these speeds at nominal rates both on ISP and on mobile operators.

If you are facing buffering issue on Terrarium app, then there might be some issue with the internet or the speed on it is not proper. You can either contact your internet service provider or check the router or modem for any possible breakage.

  1. Stream content through recommended servers: When you watch content from Terrarium TV app, then it gets data from different servers available at a time. So, if you are getting the problem in watching the content, then change the servers and try playing the videos again.
  2. The issue with the server: If the internet speed is optimum but the problem still persists, then there is a need to pay attention to servers. Servers play important role in hosting the content. As we know that there are no particular servers available for Terrarium, so it buffers and fetches data through other servers available online. In case you are getting a problem with the Fire TV servers, then you can go to Amazon fire TV help page.
  3. Use of correct media for terrarium app: There is no separate app for Terrarium streaming, you need Amazon Fire TV setup and media player on it for seamless streaming of content. If you are trying to play content without media streaming player, then you will face a problem in casting it. You can download apps like VLC, MX or windows media player. All these media players are supported by Terrarium app.
  4. Clear Terrarium TV app data: Another fix to troubleshoot this problem is clearing the app data from the device. After clearing data from the device, all settings will set to default settings. When you clear data, all the settings will be deleted and before performing this action, you must save the data.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to clear app data from Terrarium app. You must follow the steps in the same order.

  1. Go to settings from the home screen of Fire TV and click on ‘Applications’ from the further menu.
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Manage installed apps’.
  3. From here, you need to click on ‘Terrarium TV’. If it is not available on the top of the screen, then you can find it by scrolling down with the help of remote.
  4. Click to clear data and cache.

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