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How To Find Out Weather Amazon Added Volume Button On Its Fire Stick Remote?

Today, we have learned about the latest released Fire TV remote that has been launched by Amazon after certain discoveries and research. We hope, you love to use this remote. The company is aiming to provide all the functions in a single remote so that user don’t find any need to buy additional accessory with the Fire TV. You will get the optimal resolution in the new hardware launched by the company in the line of Fire TV products.

You might be thinking as to what kind of hardware will be there in Amazon Fire line of products. Well, your wait is now over and it’s almost after a year, Amazon is going to launch a new hardware in the market. In its updated version of Amazon Fire Stick, the company has added the volume buttons to its remote beside mute and power buttons on Alexa remote for the first time. The all new fire TV stick 4k also added support for HDR standards like HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby vision. Apart from this, there is Dolby Atmos audio available in the new Fire TV stick. Let’s discuss more in details. For more information related to the latest Fire stick model, you can go to Amazon Fire TV help link.

Out of the above-mentioned functionalities, HDR10+ and Dolby vision are the latest additions to the Fire TV Stick Setup. The company is blending all the things in its single Fire stick line so as to bind the existing users and to attract new customers. The company by bringing this update has stood in line with its competitor. The standards offering support for dynamic metadata that will help users in getting details for the brightest and darkest parts of the picture while watching it on the TV. The TV should be compatible with the Fire TV stick or fire TV. Though it’s a nice move by the company but if you don’t have compatible TV at home, then you may have to consider before actually buying it.

Amazon is among the top of the list for providing an HDR10+ standard. In its recent announcement in a press conference, one of the senior executives at Amazon told that all the original content will now start supporting this standard i:e, HDR10+. In the meantime, the Dolby vision content is available on Netflix, Rakuten, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

If you are having any doubt related to ‘which Fire TV will support your TV and which standard will best fit it’, then you can check the table given on the support page from where you can easily compare the things and features available to you. You can even compare it with its rival like Apple and Roku in this table.

The new Fire Stick is available in retail for $49.99 and will start shipping from the last week of October in North America. If we talk about its launch in the UK, then it is going to be made available from November 14th onwards. If you have already owned a Fire TV cube but don’t have new look remote, then you can buy it separately by paying $29.99.

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