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How To Find out That HDR And IR Device Control Remote Have been Added To Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K?

Amazon hasn’t revamped its Fire TV stick even once since its launch. It is an HDMI supported dongle that fits into the HDMI port of TV and starts playing content according to your choice. During this time period, the other rivals have released Chromecast Ultra and Roku streaming stick. Both these products support 4k HDR content with voice remote.

Fighting back with the competitors, Amazon has now totally revamped its Fire TV stick right from top to bottom. You will find 4K with UHD support in the HDR format on new TV stick including HDR10+.  This is not the end, the company has also refreshed the voice remote that has IR technology inbuilt. The advantage of this is you can control the Fire TV stick from any direction. The pairing of the device with the remote is done via Bluetooth. For more information, go to Amazon Device Support Fire Stick.

The company had been listening to its customer’s response and reviews since long and due to the same, it has come up with all new Amazon Fire stick that will solve all the purpose. This is told by Marc Whitten, VP at Amazon Fire TV in his statement.

Fire TV stick 4K

Though the shape is identical to its predecessors but the internal processing is hidden under the hood. The new technology inside it will support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi chip for best streaming. You can connect the fire TV stick to Wi-Fi through Fire stick Wi-Fi setup.

Taking advantage of Amazon App store, the company has introduced thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills in it. You can easily watch content from Hulu, Starz, CBS, Prime video and Netflix. There are more than 5 million movies and TV shows accessible from Fire TV after Amazon Fire setup. Apart from this, you can store up to 1TB data online over cloud storage.

Alexa voice Remote with Device control

The new Fire TV stick 4k from exterior might not lure you much but the new Alexa voice capability added in the remote will definitely attract you. It’s IR based that comes in typical TV. The same remote is supported by more than millions of Fire TV devices and tons of sound bars, AV equipment. You can control volume, power and mute music with buttons engrossed on the remote.

Alexa Voice remote

As no proper details related to technicalities of the remote by the company has been discussed so far but the remote includes same combination of Cloud ad IR that powers Fire TV cube. For more information, go to Amazon Fire TV help.


The Fire TV stick 4k is available for order and will start shipping the product from 31st Oct in Canada and U.S. If you are living in U.K, India or Germany, then you will have to wait till November. You can purchase this pack with bundle pack that includes Echo dot or Fire TV recast.

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