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How To Configure Amazon Fire Tv Stick Efficiently?

We offer help and support for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. The process of configuring Amazon Fire TV stick on TV are simple and easy to understand. If you still find any problem, then we are here to help you out. We at Amazon Fire stick Help number provide support for all issues prevalent on Amazon streaming media devices.

Amazon Fire TV stick is a media streaming device developed by Amazon, an E-commerce retailer. With the help of this player, you can watch your favorite movies, shows from famous channels like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, etc.

If you have recently purchased Amazon Fire stick and want to set up on your device, then here are some tips and tricks that will help you in configuring it on a smartphone or any other smart device.

Inside the box

  1. Fire TV stick.
  2. Power adapter and cable.
  3. Alexa powered voice remote.
  4. HDMI cable.
  5. 2 AAA sized batteries for the remote.

The HDMI extender cable is provided inside the box in order to place the Fire TV stick at some distance from HDMI port of your TV so that the internet signal can be easily received on the device.

What else is required?

Furthermore, you will require Full HD TV with HDMI support. If you are going to play content on a computer, then it should have a LED screen attached to it. For more information related to 4K or HD support, you can contact Amazon Device Support Fire stick.

10 Mbps wireless internet: A strong internet connection with minimum 10 Mbps speed is mandatory for playing Full HD content from your media streaming stick. If you want to play 720p content, then a minimum of 4Mbps of speed is required to watch seamless content.

Amazon account: This is the main thing required for setup. You need have an Amazon account created on Amazon platform for registering the device. Without this account, you cannot unlock all the features and functions of your Fire TV stick. Moreover, the Amazon prime membership can only be availed after registering the device with Amazon account.

Fire TV stick setup

After getting all the above-mentioned things in your hand, you need to connect the Fire TV stick to the TV and the power port of the device to the power adapter. Switch on all the devices.

Now, pair the remote by inserting the batteries in it. Hold the remote closer to the stick and press the home button on it. Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds until you get a welcome message on the screen.

Press the ‘Start’ button to start the setup process. If you want, you can hear the functions of each button through Alexa voice assistant.

Tap to select the language

  • You are required to select the language.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network after this.
  • A network SSID will be displayed on the screen. Click to highlight and select it.
  • Enter the network passkey with the help of virtual keyboard appearing on the TV screen. You need to press the remote keys to select a particular character from the keyboard. Keep the caps lock key off while entering the password.

Registration of device: After successful pairing and connection to the internet, you are required to register your device on the Amazon page. For this, go to Amazon Fire Tv Help page from web browser. Enter the login details to log in to the account. Here, select your device and activate it online.

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