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Get Rid Of Viruses And Malware Experienced On Fire TV Stick

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More than half of the Fire TV users are experiencing Crypto-mining virus on their Fire TV device and it is affecting the performance and speed. The cryptocurrency virus is baggy on all the media streaming devices. This results in difficulty to stream the content from different video channels. The name of the virus is ‘ADB.miner’ which has been encountered on android smartphones. The same virus is targeting Fire TV stick these days. If you don’t have knowledge about this virus, continue reading the content of this post.

If your device is infected with the virus and you are least bothered about it or have limited knowledge, then with the help of below mentioned steps, you can easily find out the symptoms on your Fire TV and apply troubleshooting steps on your own. If your device behaves sluggishly or slowly than the normal speed, then there are chances that your device has been accessed by the third person.

Another way to check the virus is by clicking the ‘Blue icon’ given next to test screen of your Fire TV stick.

What infects the device?

Downloading the app from third-party sources like internet or from any other device may result in entering of viruses through these sources. If an app you are searching for is not available on the official app store, you will definitely find on the internet or get it from your friend device. During this process, the virus enters into your device which keeps on degrading the performance of it.

ADB.miner attacks your device when you open the third party apps which are recently installed on it. These apps won’t allow you to stream the content flawlessly from your streaming device. Sideloading the app from a computer or from laptop requires special instructions which are to be enabled from the fire TV Stick device. When you enable the fire TV developer option from Amazon settings, it will put your device in risk and certain viruses may enter at the same time. To disable the Developer options, contact Fire TV support executives.

How to eradicate viruses from Fire TV?

The best way to remove a virus from Fire TV is by resetting it. If you don’t want to reset it, you can use command app available on the Amazon store to reflect and remove the viruses from Fire TV stick. If you don’t know the steps for downloading and installing the command app on Fire TV stick, you can go through the instructions given on-screen.

Yes, if nothing work on your device, then you can reset it by getting into ‘Device’ settings. Here, you will find the ‘Reset’ option. Tap ‘Reset’. When you reset the device, all the data stored in your Fire TV will get deleted and you will have to download the apps again. You may be prompted for this action, click ‘Yes’ to continue. After reset, all the settings will come to default.

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amazon fire stick account setup

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