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Amazon Collaborates With IMDb To Create A Free Channel With Ads On Fire TV

Amazon has joined hands with IMDb to create a free channel on Fire TV Stick Setup, which will have advertisements. To know how this will work, you better check out the blog post till the end.

Amazon and its affiliate company IMDb are preparing to launch a free service and announcements for the digital media player Fire TV that resemble Roku channel or Hulu.

According to CNBC, the new channel is going to have a library of both series and movies and will offer support for interspersed ads and others embedded in the player itself. Amazon is also supposed to allow advertisers to access their user data, which CNBC says would be an unprecedented decision on the Fire TV platform:

The service will aid Amazon continue to upsurge its share of the digital advertising market, which is dominated by Facebook and Google. According to eMarketer, Jeff Bezos’ company has around 4% of the market, thus making it the third largest digital advertiser, whereas Facebook and Google together, have more than 57%.

The new service will have advertisements that are going to appear among content, and advertisers can place ads around the built-in video player, similar to multi-site experience. Amazon already permits content ads from Fire TV apps, but the news would greatly expand the offering and allow more insight into the company’s huge user base.

According to the CNBC report, free service seems to have been made to attract the older content libraries of media companies. There’s a mention in the article about whether Amazon could create a similar ad service with ads on the Prime Video platform, but the company told the network that there are currently no plans to do so.

Many reports from reputed media houses claimed the channel’s name to be Free Dive (a name that seems to conjure up an idea of ​​randomly selecting old content, not knowing what comes next, although it is assumed that the IMDb and its huge database of reviews have a role in curating this library). While Amazon’s ad market is still only a small portion of its global revenue.

It makes up the bulk of the “other” segment in Amazon’s profit statements, growing 132 percent to $2.2 billion in the second quarter. Wall Street’s Cowen estimates the company will generate $8 billion in revenue this year. This is still a minuscule fraction of Amazon’s expected revenue of more than $200 billion this year. Moreover, it lags far behind what Facebook and Google gain from digital advertising, with Facebook alone had raked up $13 billion in advertising in the second quarter. However, Amazon has a direct access to shopping data, which gives the organization a great opportunity to become a fierce rival.

While broadcasters continue to receive the major chunk of video advertising, the site added, Amazon hopes to capitalize on its huge consumer information databases to offer “more video inventory for advertisers eager to use the capabilities of the company”. An essential advantage for Amazon is its ability to control half of the US e-commerce market, and all of that buying data could one day help it face the Facebook and Google duopoly on the market advertising.

The recent reports coming from the house of The Information, Amazon has also announced that it would include more ads on the Twitch streaming platform, another of its subsidiaries, including the paid version, which was previously free of advertisements.

There is no information on the availability of this potential new channel in other countries, but the technology giant’s decision could set a precedent for other streaming companies to follow the same path, especially given the rumor that Prime Video might have something like this.

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